Do we hear all of the seven trumpets?

William Arnold III


Question 1:

Do we hear all of the seven trumpets? will Christians keep count ? or will only the seventh trumpet be heard..

It seems pretty much like the battle of Jericho where on the last trumpet the city fell. In Revelation, on the seventh trumpet, the world kingdom now becomes the kingdom of God and the Lord's reign begins.


My answer is I don't know. ;o) The Bible does seem to indicate that the rapture trumpet is something people will hear. It also identifies this trumpet as the "last." Logically speaking, if there is a "last," there must be a series. We also see that the Bible does specifically speak of a series of trumpets during the Tribulation in the book of Revelation (ch. 8-11). It just seems to make sense to make the connection.

So back to your question. If the last trumpet of the series is one that we hear, then it would seem reasonable that the rest would be as well. However, the Bible does not specifically say this and so we just don't know for sure.