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William Arnold III

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This New Testament Survey course was taken from the IBS Classroom On A Disk, which also contains a course in Eschatology and one in Hermeneutics. Originally, these courses were taught during the fall of 2000 at New Life Tabernacle (UPC) in Key West, Florida. They were done in a very casual, relaxed atmosphere as opposed to a more formal classroom setting. This was possible because the classes were quite small, we were not too pressed to fit them into a certain time, and we all knew each other very well. I stress this last point so the reader would know that the occasional joking or teasing that takes place does not reflect any disrespect but merely people who are quite comfortable with each other. Also, you will hear a baby crying a few times in the Revelation class. But be patient, it doesn't last very long.

The New Testament and Hermeneutics courses were each supposed to run twelve weeks and the Eschatology course six weeks with two hours for each class. However, there were some days that we had to cancel the Hermeneutics class, a few times it finished early, and we added several days to the New Testament class resulting in the lengths they now are. There was normally review at the beginning of each class and sometimes a quiz. At around the middle of the class we would take a short break. This would usually leave two class sessions of about 45 minutes each. I have placed an "A" and a "B" at the end of files of classes that are both on the same day. The following chart is a rough breakdown of the courses:


Approx. Time


New Testament

24 hours

32 (+4 Esch.)


12 hours



9 hours



45 hours


I did not include the first day of the New Testament survey in the online course, resulting in a total of 34 sessions. The first day we went over the syllabus and then got into a discussion about the King James Bible and modern translations. Other than that, we went over intertestamental history.

How To Take This Course

To begin, click on the link to the New Testament Survey course. This will bring you to the menu for that particular class. The first column of the menu contains the RealAudio® file of that particular class session. The second column contains the same file in mp3 format. The RealAudio® files are probably of slightly better quality, but the mp3 format can be played on a wider variety of portable players. The third column is a description of the topic that is covered and the final column contains links to quizzes, handouts or articles which relate either to the particular topic or to the course in general.

The syllabus for each class should be read first. It is highly recommended that the course texbooks be purchased, as these are the books we actually used in the classes and reference is often made to them. However, the textbook we used in New Testament Survey by Carson, Moo, and Morris could be replaced with the recommended book by Robert Gundry, for the former can be quite difficult reading and the latter is at about high school level. Actually, both books make a good combination. Of all the other recommended books, Chronological and Background Charts of the New Testament by H. Wayne House is the most highly recommended, since I often used it for illustration in the New Testament Survey class. The other books should be available through, or your local Christian bookstore.

The quizzes should be taken before the class sessions they appear next to, since they relate to the previous class (we took them at the beginning of each class). Most of the articles could be read after. Some of the articles are quite long and could simply be skimmed. Also, the quizes may be printed directly from your browser by clicking: file/print, and each should fit on only one page.

Class files that have the same number with an "A" or a "B" following should both be taken together since they were both recorded during the same class. In other words, these are side A and side B of the same tape.

At this time I have not provided answers to the quizzes, but they can be found in the books, in the Bible, or by playing the class file again.

RealPlayer® 8 or above must be installed before the RealAudio® files can be played. If you have any trouble installing or using RealPlayer® please visit their web site at: The mp3 files should play in just about any media player.

For any further questions or comments, or to report problems you can email:

God bless,

William Arnold III

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