Statement of Faith

1. The Bible

We believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God and to be free from error in the original manuscripts when all grammatical, historical, literary and cultural issues have been considered. We believe the Bible is the only God-given authority which man possesses; therefore, all doctrine, faith, hope, and all instruction for the church must be based upon and harmonize with the Bible.

2. God

We believe in a strict Monotheism that God is numerically one.

3. Jesus Christ

We believe that the one God of the Old Testament, whose name is Yahweh, became a man in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus, the Son of God, is both fully God and fully man, being the visible image of the one invisible God. Jesus' deity is none other than that of the Father. As it pertains to His humanity, Jesus was born of a virgin in time.

4. The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit is none other than the Spirit of God Himself, primarily as He relates to mankind in our adoption as children of God and in our sanctification.

5. Salvation

We believe that salvation is based solely on the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ and is completely an undeserved gift of God. The Biblical experience of salvation consists of: faith, repentance, baptism in water by immersion in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial sign of speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.

6. The Second Coming

We believe that Jesus died for our sins, was resurrected and ascended into heaven where he presently reigns. We also believe in a literal, bodily return of Jesus Christ after a time of Great Tribulation, both to claim his bride and to execute vengeance on an unbelieving world.

7. Final Judgment

We believe there is coming a time when all who ever lived will stand before Jesus Christ to be judged and that all who are not saved will be cast into the lake of fire. We believe this judgment to be literal and eternal.


The purpose of this site is not only to defend our Oneness doctrinal distinctives, but to provide scholarly discussions on all Biblical topics by individuals who are dedicated to truth. We do not represent the official position of any particular organization, but our doctrinal position is reflected in our Statement of Faith.

We hope to not only be defenders of truth against error, but discoverers of truth. On our theological journey to understanding, it is better to travel with hope and never arrive, than to settle prematurely. We realize the plethora of theological views being presented today, and strive for the truth, but all the while recognizing that we are only pilgrims on this great journey and challenge.

It has been our endeavor to maintain intellectual honesty with the Scriptures -- not allowing our biases to color the glasses through which we interpret God's unchanging Word. Rather we have attempted to the best of our abilities to have an "open-minded" approach to theology, realizing that truth is only capsulated in God Himself. Humans by nature are fraught with opinions as to the nature of truth, but we realize the weakness of our minds to encompass all truth and have perfect understanding, and we accept this with humility and honesty.

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